5 Common Truck Repairs You Should Be Aware Of – CheckOut!

With the fast-moving life, the demand for fast deliveries & shipments and changing logistics and long-distance product deliveries may put slack on your truck service. However, you need to service your truck whenever possible to keep your truck performing in its best condition and your travel schedules quicker and easier. So, when it comes to truck repairs and services in Melbourne, let’s see some of the common truck issues that truck drivers face today.

Engine Overheating

Well, it seems like a no-brainer, engine overheating is one of the most common & worst nightmares for trust drivers. It happens due to a blown gasket or a fuel tank or a contaminated residual sludge or oil. This can lead to overheating and when left untreated for a long time, it may even lead to engine repairs.  If you leave the truck for regular truck repairs and service in Melbourne, they can address the signs of overheating and resolve them with proper care.

Starter Issues

If the truck is unable to start over, know that your truck has starter failure, which happens during the winter months. And if you’re facing any starter issues, make sure to switch off any non-essential extras like radio, Bluetooth, or even AC. If the issue persists, better leave your vehicle to a car service in Heidelberg to diagnose the issue.


Your truck’s U-joint is essential to transfer the power from the differentiator to transmission. However, if it’s not lubricated, it may lead to wear and tear. When you’re experiencing vibrations at high speed or a clicking sound, know that there is an issue in your vehicle’s u-joint & needs to be replaced soon.

Brake Issues

A brake check-up is crucial for any vehicle and your truck requires it as well. When there’s too much pressure on the brake pedals due to heavy loads, the brake pads may slowly start to wear and put you in trouble. Modern trucks face issues with brake systems. Whether it’s brake fluid leak or worn-out brake pads, check them & replace them if necessary.

Wheel Bearings

For your Tyre wheel to move along the road with little friction, wheel bearings are necessary.

However, when they wear out, it starts to produce unusual noises and even produces sudden jerks. So, be sure to check & replace wheel bearings and inspect your tyres for pressure.  If your tyres need a replacement, change them at the earliest.

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