What Happens When You Don’t Service Your Car On Time? 

Nowadays, most modern cars pop a light on the dashboard to alert that the car is due for service. However, if your car is old or doesn’t have any modern features, there are some symptoms you can watch to know that your car is due for service.  That’s where regular car service in Heidelberg proves beneficial to ensure that your car is serviced on time. We teem with questions about car care, car repairs in Heidelberg, and maintenance to our mechanics, and here’s what they have to say.

Car repair

Reduced Fuel Economy

When you don’t service your car after so many alerts, you may experience poor fuel economy & driving feel and issues that lead to costly repairs.

Engine oil

Modern engine oil has cleaning agents which help keep the engine in good condition. If the oil is dirty or contaminated, it may block the passage with sludgy carbon deposits causing the internal engine components to wear quicker than you expect.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is another component that needs to be changed from time to time. It absorbs moisture from the air & decreases your brake’s performance.  Our mechanics recommend flushing the entire brake system every two years to keep your brake system in good condition.

Continuous Start-Stop Driving

If you live in a busy, crowded city area, chances are that you may have to start-stop driving to manage the traffic or you’re carrying heavy loads on your truck regularly or delivering goods with high-speed driving, all these driving affect your car’s performance and take a toll on your brake system.

Bottom Line

So, when you don’t maintain your car service schedules, you may have to pay more for costly repairs and replacements.  Ensuring to service the car every 5000 kilometers or every 3-6months helps to keep your car in good condition. If you go to a professional car mechanic in Bundoora, they make sure to check, diagnose any issue and service your car to the best of their abilities.

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